Bif and Mill+ Open Playgrounds Festival 2014

Fabrice Le Nezet and Jules Janaud (aka Mill+ directing collective Bif) launched the Playgrounds Festival 2014 last week with this title sequence reflecting the organizers’ wish “for something experimental, eclectic and artistic.”

Le Nezet: “We came across the idea for the sequence whilst we were experimenting with compositing software Nuke. We liked the way that when you open an image on the wrong canvas size the pixels are stretched and depending on the pictures used you can get an amazing color range.

“We then applied this effect to motion and volume. The first tests were very convincing, giving us some really cool surreal and abstract shots, combined with elegance and subtle color tones. We then developed this further to produce the final piece.”

Using Maya and After Effects, the pair created the landscape from scratch then twisted and animated it “with a series of digital glitches”.

Design & Animation Studio: Mill+
Executive Director Mill+: Stephen Venning
Head of CG Operations: Tom Walter
Director: Bif
Animators: Bif
Colorist: Matt Osborne

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