Buck Helps Casper “Sleep Better”

ECD Ryan Honey and the Buck crew re-team with illustrator Tomi Um for their second Casper animation, upping the flag-waving squirrel from the first spot to a mystical and diminutive Sannyasa spokes-creature.

Casper “Sleep Better”

Casper “Perfect For”

Directed by Buck
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Creative Director: Joe Mullen
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Billy Mack
Production Coordinator: Kaitlyn Mahoney
Animation Director: Kendra Ryan
Storyboards: Kendra Ryan
Design: Tomi Um
Cel Animation: Kendra Ryan, Vincent Tsui, Jake Armstrong, Alan Foreman, Matt Everton, Nick Petley
2D Animation: Esteban Esquivo, Daniel Coutinho, Nick Petley
Music by Antfood
VO Artist: Alan Sklar

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