Budweiser “ReCup Arena” by Superdesigners

From Superdesigners in Moscow: “The 2018 FIFA World Cup left many unforgettable moments in its wake… plus three million plastic Budweiser cups.

“Instead of just throwing the cups away, the brand decided to do something special and used them to build ReCup Arena, a football pitch made entirely out of recycled materials.

“The red-and-white polypropylene cups were melted down into granules and then stretched into threads that would go into making the 65 x 34-meter pitch, with the subs’ benches and even the drainage system also made of recycled beer cups.

“The ReCup Arena will remain a meaningful legacy of the World Cup for both the city of Volzhsky and the rest of the world, drawing attention to crucial issues of recycling plastic waste.”

Production: Superdesigners
Sound: Cadeu

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