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Best of Stash 2023: Product Films!

To break out of the noise and chaos of the consumer marketing complex, brands need to elevate their products with outstanding creative and confident execution that snares eyeballs, ramps up desire, and opens wallets. [Watch]

Superdesigners NAP LAB shortfilm | STASH MAGAZINE

Superdesigners Explore the Inspiration of Sleep in “NAP LAB”

In their latest in-house motion project, CD Ilya Perevedentsev and the crew at Superdesigners in Hong Kong contemplate the creative insights and solutions that often arise in that state of semi-consciousness bracketing slumber. [Watch]

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Ultra Bounce Case CASETiFY brand film Superdesigners | STASH MAGAZINE

Superdesigners Try to Destroy CASETiFY’s Ultra Bounce Case

The design and animation team at Superdesigners studio in Hong Kong subjects CASETiFY’s new Ultra Bounce Case to a barrage of virtual perils and prat falls in a fun new brand film. [Watch]


Best of Stash 2022: Short Films!

Untethered from client briefs and budgets, short films provide a welcome refuge for self-expression and bold experimentation with 2022 delivering an extraordinary variety of fresh work from both students and pros. [Watch]

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