CalArts 2016: “You Look Scary” and “Desert Critters”

The bumper crop of student films from the 2016 CalArts Character Animation program includes “You Look Scary” by Xiya Lan and “Desert Critters” by Li Wen Toh – both demonstrate outstanding storytelling talents while using fully divergent styles, techniques and narrative structures.

Xiya Lan: “Sometimes we amplify our fears. Actually they re not big deals at all! The lyrics is Russian mean “This is scary. I am scared. Can I leave? This is dangerous.” Thanks Luke Morin for the amazing music and beautiful singing. Thanks Ben Huff for the sound design!

Li Wen Toh: “A Desert Fox finds his everyday life ruined when he gets tailed by a younger puppy that just wants to be his friend! The puppy’s name is Nibbles. Score by Lucien Ye.”

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