Strange Phobias short film by Prand | STASH MAGAZINE | STASH MAGAZINE

Prand Takes a Fun Look Into “Strange Phobias” in New Short Film

From the team at Prand studio in Tbilisi, Georgia: “This is a project about rare phobias which people around the world face every day. When we started doing the film we had no idea there were so many interesting phobias. We tried to approach this project with humor because fear can be overcome by a smile!” [Watch]


Territory Expands With Terra Firma Pictures and New Director Roster

From the release: Territory Group expands its creative services portfolio with Terra Firma Pictures, a new studio proposition offering agencies, brands, game companies, and developers a fresh approach to content creation. [Watch]

Mark-Benson-The-Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

The Mill Appoints Mark Benson as President

From the release: Technicolor Creative Studios today announces that Mark Benson, former SVP, has been appointed President of The Mill, its business line dedicated to the production of ground-breaking advertising, branded content, and interactive marketing solutions. [Watch]


BIEN Motion Design Backs Inclusivity with School of Motion Scholarships

From the release: Inclusive motion design studio, BIEN, has today announced its further commitment to inclusivity in the motion design industry, partnering with the leading course provider for the commercial animation industry, the School of Motion. [Watch]

Rochelle-Palmer-Untold-Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Untold Studios Announce Rochelle Palmer as Managing Director

From the release: BAFTA, EMMY, and GRAMMY-nominated Untold Studios are excited to announce Rochelle Palmer as Managing Director. [Watch]

GONG-ING-Future-Me-case-study | STASH MAGAZINE

Case Study: “ING Future Me” AI Banking Campaign

From the team at ad agency GONG in Warsaw, Poland: “Future me is an AI-powered app we created for ING Bank that generates a personalized picture of you in retirement based on a description of your dreams and plans. All you have to do is take a photo and answer the question: What do you want to do in the future? [Watch]