Noisegraph Dream Factory Casper | STASH MAGAZINE

Noisegraph Imagines the “Dream Factory” for Casper

From the team at motion design studio Noisegraph in Madrid: “In our most recent work for Casper, we built a captivating and magical world that features their Wave Hybrid Cooling Mattress. [Watch]

ArtJail expands to LA | STASH MAGAZINE

VFX Boutique Artjail Expands into LA

Boutique VFX studio Artjail today announces the launch of its LA office. Situated in Santa Monica, the new space will mark Artjail’s third studio, alongside those already established in New York and Toronto. [Watch]

Director Fausto Becatti | STASH MAGAZINE

Director Fausto Becatti Joins m ss ng p eces US Roster

From the release: Today award-winning, bi-coastal production studio m ss ng p eces announced director Fausto Becatti has joined its roster for U.S. commercial representation. [Watch]

Fern Amplifies Nonprofit Donations for Overflow

From the design and animation team at Fern in Atlanta: “Overflow is an online stocks donation platform that helps nonprofits and churches accept donations of publicly-traded stock. “We popped in to help make this beautiful brand more shareable through visual storytelling. We added motion to help explain ways that their brand is changing the way […] [Watch]

Device BOL HelloWork commercial | STASH MAGAZINE

Device Keep Work Friendly for HelloWork

From the team at Device in Barcelona: “The agency SocialClub Paris reached out to us to create a relatable, easy-going TV commercial campaign for HelloWork, announcing its new name and the merge of several job search sites into the new platform. [Watch]

Lobster Celebrates 80K Instagram Milestone | STASH MAGAZINE

Lobster Celebrates 80K Instagram Milestone with 80’s Vibe

From the team at Lobster studio in Sofia, Bulgaria: “This animation was created to celebrate 80K Followers on our IG channel. We’ve incorporated a 1980’s vibe in the piece to say thank you to everyone for being such a great audience!” [Watch]