Once Upon A Bite promo video by Flatwhite Motion | STASH MAGAZINE

“Once Upon A Bite” Show Promo by Flatwhite Motion

Flatwhite Motion in Qingdao, China: “We are so excited to make a 50-second promotional animation for ‘Once Upon A Bite’ Season 2, a famous food documentary TV series by Chen Xiaoqing (the same director as ‘A Bite of China’). [Read more]

Google “Looking Glass” brand film by Elastic | STASH MAGAZINE

Google “Trillions of Questions, No Easy Answers” Titles by Hazel Baird and Elastic

Elastic creative director Hazel Baird in Los Angeles: “Google Creative Lab asked us to help design the opening title to their documentary about Google Search. This mixed media short needed to convey the lengths of what King Louis XIV would go to to find out information on a subject he was curious about. [Read more]

Joules A Woodland Tale by Studio AKA | STASH MAGAZINE

Joules “A Woodland Tale” by Kristian Andrews and Studio AKA

Studio AKA director Kristian Andrews in London: “During the pandemic, green spaces have become especially precious to many of us. It was wonderful to work on a piece that avoids a conventional Christmas message and instead celebrates these threatened ecosystems.”
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Nexus Studios signs director Neeraja Raj | STASH MAGAZINE

Nexus Studios signs Director Neeraja Raj

From the release: Nexus Studios is pleased to announce the signing of rising star, Neeraja Raj, for global directorial representation. Her NFTS short “Meow or Never”, a beautifully crafted stop-motion madcap musical, quickly grabbed the attention of the animation industry. [Read more]

Ministry of Sound Sony Music The Annual 2021 | STASH MAGAZINE

“Ministry of Sound / Sony Music – The Annual 2021” Promo by Dazzle Ship

Lex Johnson, creative director/animator at Dazzle Ship in London: “Pitching in director Vector Meldrew’s surreal style with Houdini string simulations, we brought a series of abstract character designs to life for Ministry of Sound and Sony Music. [Read more]

Siemens Architectural Design brand film Director’s Cut STASH MAGAZINE

Siemens “Architectural Design (Director’s Cut)” by Trizz

Trizz in Barcelona: “Crafted entirely in CG animation, we embraced this project to draw utmost attention to the amazing Siemens product line-up, featuring each technology, detailed intricacies, and architectural design aesthetics within every smart machine.” [Read more]