Döcke "Everything’s Possible" Spot by Loop | STASH MAGAZINE

Docke “Everything’s Possible” Spot by Loop

Max Chelyadnikov, EP/CD at Loop in Moscow: “For Döcke, one of Russia’s leading suppliers of building materials for housing construction, we came up with a concept of advertising the products using visual techniques that are more common for cutting edge phones, sports cars, sneakers, and cosmetics. [Read more]

Zachary Fortin and Bridgette Doran at Preymaker | STASH MAGAZINE

Preymaker Continues to Expand Production Team

From the release: Creative and technology studio Preymaker adds to its creative collective with the hires of Zachary Fortin in production and Bridgette Doran in operations. [Read more]

"Run-Of-The-Mill" Short Film by Peter Tomaszewicz | STASH MAGAZINE

“Run-Of-The-Mill” Short Film by Peter Tomaszewicz

3D artist and motion designer Peter Tomaszewicz in London: “Run-Of-The-Mill is nothing but ordinary; it is the answer to the question, what if augmented reality meant graphic reality? [Read more]

"Catsuka 20th Anniversary" by POTTO Collective | STASH MAGAZINE

“Catsuka 20th Anniversary” by POTTO Collective

Directing collective POTTO created this short blast of character and action for the 20th anniversary of Catsuka, the venerable French animation site founded in 2000 by Marc Aguesse. [Read more]

Zoic Studios Craig Wentworth Patricia Binga Adam Harrison | STASH MAGAZINE

Zoic Expands Vancouver Studio

From the release: Emmy Award-winning visual effects company Zoic Studios is expanding its Vancouver studio, bringing on Craig Wentworth as VFX Supervisor, Patricia Binga as Animation Supervisor, and Adam Harrison as VFX Producer. [Read more]

BET “True Black Impact” Campaign by Imaginary Forces | STASH MAGAZINE

BET “True Black Impact” Campaign by Imaginary Forces

Imaginary Forces: “We were lucky to partner with BET on part of their Black History Month ‘True Black Impact’ campaign in which we honor the achievements and contributions Black people have made to shape society and culture.” [Read more]