LogoArchive "Play" Exhibition Film by Found | STASH MAGAZINE

LogoArchive “Play” Exhibition Film by Found Studio

From the team at Found Studio in London: “As part of our ongoing relationship with LogoArchive, we collaborated on a film for the launch of their recent zine edition Extra Issue: pLAy, which presents an inquiry into work and play.” [Read more]

Glassworks Amsterdam Welcomes Senior Producer Rebecca Johnson and Sr, VFX Supervisor Urs Furrer | STASH MAGAZINE

Glassworks Amsterdam Welcomes Sr. Producer Rebecca Johnson and Sr. VFX Supervisor Urs Furrer

From the release: Glassworks is proud to welcome two new members to the Amsterdam team: Rebecca Johnson as Senior Producer and Urs Furrer as Senior VFX Supervisor & Lead Compositor. [Read more]

Windows 365 Cloud PC Launch Film and Visual System by Tendril | STASH MAGAZINE

Windows 365 Cloud PC Launch Film by Tendril

From the Tendril team in Toronto: “[We were] invited to create a launch film and flexible visual system to highlight and envision Microsoft’s new Windows 365 Cloud PC platform and its possibilities.” [Read more]

BBC "The Hundred" Broadcast Package by Coffee & TV | STASH MAGAZINE

BBC “The Hundred” Broadcast Package by Coffee & TV

From the team at Coffee & TV in London: “Animation directors Ed Kevill-Davies and Daisy Loader were commissioned by BBC Sport to design and create the visual identity and title sequence for the BBC coverage of The Hundred 2021 cricket fixtures.” [Read more]

Dare To Roam Launch Campaign by Blay Studio | STASH MAGAZINE

Dare To Roam Launch Campaign by Blay Studio

JM Blay at Blay Studio in Valencia, Spain: “NYC-based agency Harper+Scott approached Blay Studio to create an animation for the launch campaign of Dare to Roam (DTR), a new accessories brand specializing in antimicrobial bags founded by Ciara Princess Harris and themselves.” [Read more]

Pipita Studio's "Alphabet" Short Film Celebrates Musicians | STASH MAGAZINE

Pipita Studio’s Short Film “Alphabet” Celebrates Typography and Musicians

Pipita Studio in Lisbon, Portugal: “We dedicated this project to musicians from all over the world whose incredible virtuosity inspires us. Each letter shows how abundant and diverse the music culture around the globe is.” [Read more]