Fantoons Animation Manifesto short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Fantoons Manifesto 2023: Styles Change but Stories Remain

Fantoons co-founders David Calcano and Linda Otero in LA: “Animation is something that lives in our bloodstream; when combined with a heartfelt story, it makes you feel alive like nothing else. [Watch]

The Chemical Brothers No Reason Music Video Adam Smith Marcus Lyall | STASH MAGAZINE

The Chemical Brothers “No Reason” Music Video by Adam Smith and Marcus Lyall

From the team at Black Dog Films in London: “Black Dog’s Adam Smith and his creative partner Marcus Lyall reunited with regular collaborators The Chemical Brothers to create new live visuals for the track ‘No Reason’.” [Watch]

Mike Bell FutureDeluxe Joel Dennis Forever | STASH MAGAZINE

FutureDeluxe and Forever Expand With Two Key Hires

From the release: Experimental design studio FutureDeluxe and its new group partner, Forever, can today announce the impending arrival of two high-profile hires: Mike Bell as Executive Producer for FutureDeluxe and Joel Dennis as Global Head of Growth for Forever. [Watch]

Volvo Safety in Mind billboards Media.Work and AKQA | STASH MAGAZINE

Media.Work and AKQA Ponder the Power of Emotions on Driving in Volvo Motion Billboards

From the team at Media.Work: “Redefining the importance of safety and emotions for the entire automotive industry, Volvo created a new vision strategy as a part of the company’s global rebranding. [Watch]

World Economic Forum The World Has a Waste Problem Explainer | STASH MAGAZINE

World Economic Forum “The World Has a Waste Problem” Explainer

Motion designer Albert Skowroński in Poznań, Poland: “Together, humans churn out an epic two billion tons of trash a year. To put that into perspective, if all this waste was lined up, it would go around the Earth 24 times. And that’s projected to grow by 70% in the next 30 years. [Watch]

Art-of-Ping-Pong-Barry-Chapman | STASH-MAGAZINE5

Welcome to the Art of Ping Pong

London motion designer Barry Chapman: “Art of Ping Pong is a really cool and innovative UK company who are fusing art with functional design to create a wide range of playful, vibrant, and beautiful products. [Watch]