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Chris Carboni: Cruisr “All Over”

NYC freelance director/designer/animator Chris Carboni and his crew of two animators weave dozens of feature film couples into a slipstream of “I know that one” moments and clever transitions that demand repeat viewing.

Chris Carboni: “The concept was born out of the central theme of the track: the inexplicable but relatable allure of getting your heart stomped in all the right ways. The clever simplicity of the lyrics combined with the instantly catchy rhythm of the song called for a narrative that could breeze by and connect just as effortlessly.

“So I decided to visualize the story through notable film romances – from the iconic to the obscure – represented through colorful, animated vignettes. A lot of the fun came in finding the right balance of love and chaos to represent such a volatile relationship.

“Echoing the idea of constantly cycling back and forth between these two extremes, I decided to have each section seamlessly transition into the next without any cuts. Thanks to Vagrant Records for allowing me to finally put 29 years of movie nerdom to good use!”

Animated in Photoshop, composited in After Effects.

Client: Vagrant Records
Concept, Design, and Direction: Chris Carboni
Animation: Chris Carboni, Elaine Lee, Matt Everton
Compositing: Chris Carboni
Created @ Carboni Studio