Coca-Cola x Twitch “Drink Break” by Laundry

Laundry ECD PJ Richardson in Los Angeles: “In collaboration with the KO:OP [Coke’s inhouse creative team], we took on the challenge of making the moments in between twitch streams the ultimate Coca-Cola branded ‘Drink break’.

“Instead of saying ‘grab a Coke’, we went for a much more visually arresting, if not outright trippy approach to several pieces of content that are just Coke-branded enough but feel like cool animations you might find on IG.

“We took inspiration from video games of course, but glitch art, lava lamps, redshift glass textures, and 60s psychedelic illustration. But all with a modern twist.

“The most exciting part for us was to be able to work with talented artists in six different countries to source their vastly diverse and rich perspectives.
Coca-Cola x Twitch Drink Break by Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE

Coca-Cola x Twitch Drink Break by Laundry | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Coca-Cola
Agency: KO:OP
Group Director: Heather Bell
Account Director: Beth Gustafson
Executive Creative Director: Alex Russel
Senior Art Director: Alex Morgan
Art Director: Dheeraj Govindraju

Production strategy: Hone Production
Executive Producer: Laura Nichols Rea

Production: Laundry
Managing Director: James Sweigert
Executive Creative Director: PJ Richardson, Tony Liu
Executive Producer/Head of Production: Matthew Primm

Senior Producer: Meredith Panicara

Producer: Laura Yurich
3D Designer: Anthony Maiuri, Caspian Kai
Ilya Tselyutin, 
David Lewandowski
2D Designer: Chris Murray, Anthony Maiuri, Yoojin Seoul, Rodrigo Stipkovic, Michelleanne Grepo
3D Animator: Anthony Maiuri, Caspian Kai
2D Animator: Anthony Maiuri Michelleanne Grepo, Gerardo Gonzalez

Sound Designer: Erich Netherton @ Company 3