A Coke Summer in Japan According to Buck

ECD Orion Tait and the buck crew let loose with a splash of effervescent eye candy for Coke drinkers in Japan, the brand’s second biggest market after the U.S. [Read more]

Artist: Andre “Smatik” Ljosaj Info from Ljosaj: “The idea behind this project was to create something surreal with an magical experience for Coca Cola. “We see a bunch of people and animals running on the Coke ribbon through a Coca Cola styled landscape. “The challenge was to create these styleframes beside my work and find […] [Read more]

Artist: Silvia YomSchool: Otis College of Art and Design Info from Yom: “These series of frames were not intended to be for a real pitch. It was a class assignment I did at Otis College of Art and Design, where I am currently finishing my senior year. It was a mock-up pitch for Coca Cola. […] [Read more]