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Cornel Swoboda “And Then I Vanish”

New on the Stash radar: Cornel Swoboda, a digital artist from Munich, Germany, living in Melbourne, Australia who spends a goodly amount of his time developing personal projects like this haunting short called “And Then I Vanish.”

“‘And Then I Vanish’ is a surreal motion poem, which started as a simple spare time project. I tried to restrict myself by some rules, e.g. only using portraits and close-ups and maintaining the same light direction.”

Cornel Swoboda | STASH MAGAZINE

Cornel Swoboda | STASH MAGAZINE

Created by: Cornel Swoboda
Sound design: Oliver Salkic
Voice/vocals: Victoria Ward
Poem: Cornel Swoboda & Ron Weaver

Toolkit: Cinema4D, Octane Render

One Response to “Cornel Swoboda “And Then I Vanish””
  1. Stephan says:

    AWESOME work!!!!