Stash issue 143 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE
American Kamikaze short film by Cornel Swoboda | STASH MAGAZINE

Cornel Swoboda Conjures a Dark Future in “American Kamikaze”

Motion designer Cornel Swoboda in Melbourne, Australia: “Post the events of the early 21st century, a small cluster of wealthy influencers, encapsulated in a microcosm of privilege, urge on a deranged and narcissistic President. [Watch]

Cornel Swoboda’s Remarkable CG Experiments Continue with “Damage State”

Cornel Swoboda, a 3D artist and senior designer at Jumbla Studios in Melbourne, Australia, describes his latest CG adventure as “a hallucinogenic cycle of damage, decay, and absorption.” [Watch]

Cornel Swoboda | STASH MAGAZINE

Cornel Swoboda “And Then I Vanish”

New on the Stash radar: Cornel Swoboda, a digital artist from Munich, Germany, living in Melbourne, Australia who spends a goodly amount of his time developing personal projects like this haunting short called “And Then I Vanish.” [Watch]