Crimson Peak Titles: Behind the Scenes

Like old master paintings, Guillermo Del Toro’s films use a lexicon of symbols to convey subtext and back story. And so it is with this richly detailed, all-CG title sequence from his new feature Crimson Peak, created by the all-Toronto team of IAMSTATIC and Topix.

Behind the scenes:

The finished sequence:

Toronto directing duo IAMSTATIC: “There is nothing we enjoy more then working on title sequences, especially when it’s super dark and moody and ‘Stabby’!

“This project, built entirely in CG, was an exercise in careful pacing and art direction. Like the film, we wanted the titles to drip with detail in every shot with moths leading us through each eerie scene.

“Working closely with Del Toro and our production team at Topix, we worked five full months to craft this project into a piece of design that would flow and compliment the overall tone of the film.”

Client: Legendary Pictures / Guillermo Del Toro
Creative Director: Ron Gervais, Dave Greene
Production Company: TOPIX
Senior Producer: Cathy Jefferies
Lead Animator/Rigger: Kevin Vriesinga
Storyboard: Ron Gervais
Lighting & Rendering: Abdul Mohamud, Dave Greene
Layout: Abdul Mohamud, Dave Greene
Modeling: Chris Crozier, Abdul Mohamud, Dave Greene, Ronak Shah, Pearce Perkins, Steve McArdle, Chris Johnson, Livio Passera,
Compositors: Rob Del Ciancio, Ron Gervais, Dave Greene, Abdul Mohamud
Editor: Ron Gervais

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