Dolph-a-sloth says “Go Binge”

The Mill: “Working closely with Wieden+Kennedy London and The Pelorian Brothers out of MJZ, The Mill have created a 100% CG, ultra chilled ‘dolph-a-sloth’ as well as it’s entirely CG environment for Three’s latest campaign, following the success of the first spot in the campaign featuring a sassy CG giraffamingo, also created by The Mill.”
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy London
Creative Directors + Co-Directors: Larry Seftel, David Day
Creatives: Katy Edelsten, Chloe Cordon
Executive Creative Directors: Tony Davidson, Iain Tait
Executive Producer: Danielle Stewart
TV Producer: Richard Adkins, Anna Neilson
TV Production Assistant: Georgia Totvanian
Creative Producer: Amy Leach

Production Company: MJZ
Directors: The Perlorian Brothers
Executive Producer: Lindsay Turnham
Line Producer: Yann Gorriz

VFX & Post: The Mill
Executive Producers: Reece Ewing, Gemma Humphries
Producer: Jomana Ayoub
Executive Creative Director: Neil Davies
Head of Animation: Jorge Montiel
2D Lead Artist: Peter Hodsman
3D Lead Artist: Sam Driscoll
3D Lead Animator: Philippe Moine
Lead Character Artist: Clement Granjon
2D Artists: Andre Bittencourt, Gianluca Di Marco, Rebecca Clay, Eleanor Ridson
3D Artists: Philipe Moine Daniel Kmet, Antoine Mariez, Jesus Parra, Jasmine Ghoreishi, Ashley Reemul, Clement Granjon, Giacomo Cavalletti, Nico Domerego, Matthew Fuller, Margaux Huneau, Vaclav Cizkovsky, Pavel Mamichev, Tony Atherton, Dan Yargici, Francesco Pelosi, Lucie Martinetto, Perrine Renard
Modelling and Texturing Supervisor: Ashley Tilley
Matte Painting: Aurelien Ronceray, Jiyoung Lee
Motion Graphics: Freya Barnsley, Kwok Fung Lam
Head of print: Ross Urien
Print Retoucher: Hema Sabina

Colour: The Mill
Colourist: Mick Vincent

Music Company: Wake The Town
Sound Company: Wave Studios
Sound Designer: Jack Sedgwick
Sound Producer: Rebecca Boswell
Additional Talent Researcher/Fixer: Melsie Bourne