Blinkink Stevie Gee and Essy May Unbox Amazon Music | STASH MAGAZINE

Stevie Gee & Essy May Unbox More Amazon Music

Blinkink directing duo Stevie Gee & Essy May are back with another animated mashup for Amazon Music in this merry merger of miniatures, 2D animation, and stop motion thru Droga5 London. [Watch]

Atlanta Season 4 teaser on FX by The Mill | STASH MAGAZINE

The Mill Teases Season 4 of Donald Glover’s “Atlanta” Series on FX

Plenty of strange things are afoot in Atlanta as the fourth and final season of Donald Glover’s multi-award-winning TV series returns to FX Networks this September. [Watch]

Boy Howdy Returns as CREEM Magazine Rises Again | STASH MAGAZINE

Boy Howdy! Returns as CREEM Magazine Rises Again

For the coming reboot of storied rock and roll print magazine CREEM, LOBO directors Mateus de Paula Santos and Thiago Martins resurrect R. Crumb’s Boy Howdy! character who lived on the pages of the publication from 1969 thru 1989. [Watch]

Imagine Dragons Sharks Music Video by Ingenuity Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Imagine Dragons “Sharks” Music Video by Ingenuity Studios

With a nod to title design master Saul Bass, creative director Alex Popkin and the animation team at Ingenuity Studios in LA craft a lyric music video adventure for Imagine Dragons new release “Sharks”. [Watch]

Stash 154 preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Stash 154 Turns Up the Summer Heat!

Stash 154 just packed another two hours of brilliance into the Stash Permanent Collection (aka your streaming platform for design, animation, and VFX). Grab a peek at the 2-minute trailer and see which projects made the cut. [Watch]

Lilith and Eve Short Film by Samuel de Ceccatty | STASH MAGAZINE

“Lilith & Eve” Short Film by Samuel de Ceccatty

Meeting your partner’s ex is seldom easy and as UK director/animator/designer Samuel de Ceccatty points out, that goes double for Eve when Adam’s first wife Lilith happens into the garden for a little catch-up. [Watch]