Eddy Loukil Explores “Exploitation” in Entertainment

The third in a triptych of virtual installations, “Exploitation” is an unblinking comment on corporate feature film production by Montréal designer and 3D generalist Eddy Loukil based on his own spirit-crushing experience in the industry.

Eddy Loukil: “[The film] emphasizes the over-monetization and greed of the current entertainment industry, the video highlights the abusive nature and authoritarian devices used against artists and technicians, in their work environment.

“The installation displays a movie-making, chain of production. Starting from the executive producer at the top of the pyramid, and descending towards a human pile, composed of coordinators, supervisors, and collaborators of all sorts.

“At the very bottom of this chaotic heap, the artists are metaphorically, and literally, being crushed to the ground, by the weight of hierarchy.

“The second part of the video introduces a grim rendition of a screening room where standardized families willingly swallow the newest movie, or rather product, offered to them. A symbol of apathy and conformism, as they involuntarily contribute to the prosperity of that system of exploitation.

“On the screen is displayed the fruit of production’s labor. Hundreds of millions of dollars invested, in an idea so bent and diluted, that it had become a vulgar mash-up, a hybrid freak of a picture.

“This video is my best shot at representing the struggle that I experienced working as a 3D artist, in that industry.
An industry that left me no free-will, little creative input, and barely any credit for my work.

“Not only is this wrong in terms of ethics; but also results in global creative lethargy, due to a higher level of inertia and artistic resignation.

“This is a field that should re-shape itself, to instill in artists a will of thriving excellence, not relegate them to an expendable, miserable workforce.”
Eddy Loukil "Exploitation" short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eddy Loukil "Exploitation" short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eddy Loukil "Exploitation" short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eddy Loukil "Exploitation" short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eddy Loukil "Exploitation" short film | STASH MAGAZINE

Eddy Loukil "Exploitation" short film | STASH MAGAZINE


Director/animator: Eddy Loukil

Music/sound design: Simon Chenaux & Yoann Denesle
Vocals: Iris Rapoport
Mix/mastering: Pheek
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