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Elastic “The Origins of Ilvermorny”

Director Andy Hall and the Elastic crew conjure an ominous and atmospheric animated tale in the studio’s second film for JK Rowling’s “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” for Warner Bros.

Studio | Warner Bros.
Client | Pottermore

Production | Elastic
Director | Andy Hall
Art Director | Max Ulichney
Illustrator | Patrick Arrasmith
Copywriter | Jeff Dinsmore
CG Artists | Ken Bishop, Rie Ito, Jessica Hurst, Jose Limon, Paulo De Almada, Wendy Klein, Ian Ruhfass, Josephine Kahng, Jon Balcome, Adam Carter, Lindsey Butterworth, Michael Relth, Tim Kadowaki, Josh Dyer
Matte Painter | Maxx Burman
Lead Compositor | Shahana Khan
Compositor | Alicia Suggs
Producer | Heather Johann
Head of Production | Kim Christensen
Managing Director | Jennifer Sofio Hall

Editorial | JAX
Creative Director | Scott Goldman
Editor | Stephanie Krall

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