Helping Change the Odds for Girls

Scores of inspirational spots were released this week for International Women’s Day, but few packed the emotional gut punch of this Microsoft work thru m:united/McCann with VFX from the NY and London teams of Framestore.

The passion and excitement of these young women who want to change the world contrasted with their shock and disappointment when they learn the odds of achieving their dreams – heartbreaking.

The clip encourages girls to stay in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and features Microsoft’s products, the Hololens and Surface tablet.

Microsoft #MakeWhatsNext: Change the Odds | STASH MAGAZINE

Microsoft #MakeWhatsNext: Change the Odds | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Microsoft

Agency: m:united/McCann

For Framestore:
Head of Production/Executive Producer
Sarah Hiddlestone

Senior Producer
Karen Czukerberg

Senior Producer
Raven Sia

Head of VR Studio, London
Karl Woolley

Creative Director
Andy Rowan-Robinson

Compositing Supervisor
Steve Drew
Raul Ortego

Marc Smith
Abram Seaman

Patrick Ross
Georgios Cherouvim
Georgios Papaioannou
Jacob Slutsky
Glory Zheng
Mohamed Echkouna
Sean Curran
Shayne Ryan
Will Frazier

Dan Giraldo
Elaina Brillantes
Jose Arauz
Giulia Bartra
Ranran Meng
Chicheng Peng
Liz Yang

Callum McKeveny
Rob Go

Senior Colourist
Beau Leon

Junior Colourist
Jonah Braun

VFX Support
Ben Cronin
Deepa Paulus
Katie Rhodes
Megan De Wolf
Paul O’Brien
Savneet Nagi
Tim Greenwood
Tim Osborne

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