Giant Ant and Kristin Bell for TED Countdown

Giant Ant created these five environmental explainers about the urgency of combating climate change for TED in just four weeks, with a compelling VO from actress/producer Kristen Bell anchoring the message.

The films were produced for TED’s Countdown event, a global initiative “to champion and accelerate solutions to the climate crisis, turning ideas into action.”

Client: TED

Production: Giant Ant
Director: Giant Ant
Executive Producer: Teresa Toews
Executive Creative Director: Jay Grandin
Producer: Melissa Buisán
Creative Direction: Jay Grandin
Art Direction: Eric Pautz
Animation Direction: Conor Whelan
Scripts: TED, Giant Ant
Written Treatments: Jay Grandin, Eric Pautz, Conor Whelan
Storyboards: Conor Whelan
Illustration: Eric Pautz, Genice Chan, Rafael Mayani, Hugo Baurens, Oliver Sin
Cel Animation: Ben Ommundson, Johannes Fast, Sitji Chou, Diego MacLean, Hugo Baurens, Genice Chan, Eric Pautz
2D Animation and Compositing: Shawn Hight, Chris Anderson

Music/Sound Design: Playdate Audio
VO: Kristen Bell

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