Unit 9 Lego Awesome | STASH MAGAZINE

Greenpeace vs LEGO: “Everything is NOT awesome”

Director Martin Stirling of Unit 9 and London agency Don’t Panic nail the tone, pacing, imagery and music in this Greenpeace spot calling for the end of the partnership between Lego and petro-behemoth Shell who sells Lego toys at gas stations in 26 countries.

For the five of you not clued into the Lego Movie, “Everything is Awesome” is the bouncy/infectious/Oscar-buzz worthy opening tune, adapted perfectly here into an ironic downer by composer Alex Baranowski and musician/vocalist Sophie Blackburn.

Agency: Don’t Panic
Production: Unit 9
Director: Martin Stirling
Producer: Pietro Matteucci
DOP: Matthew Day
Art director: Andy Gent