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Happy V-Day from Supinfocom Arles: “A la Française”

Hot off its tremendous festival run, “A la Française” seems like the perfect post for Valentines day: first because the animated short was created in France where romance was apparently invented, second it features a clandestine poultry hookup, and third it will put a smile on your face even if you’re very single.

Graduation movie created at Supinfocom Arles by:
Julien Hazebroucq – julien-hazebroucq.tumblr.com/
Emmanuelle Leleu – emmanuelle-leleu.tumblr.com/
Morrigane Boyer – boyermorrigane.blogspot.fr/
William Lorton – aki-return.blogspot.fr/
Ren Hsien hsu – dentdecoq.blogspot.fr/

Best Show Award – SIGGRAPH Festival (2013)
Best Character Animation – ANIMAGO Festival (2013)
Short Film Audience – COLCOA Festival (2013)
Honorable Mention for Best Characters – VIEW Festival (2013)
Jury Junior Prize – MONSTRA Festival (2013)
Public Prize – COMPIEGNE Festival (2013)
1st Prize – PANAM ANIM Festival (2012)
Jury Prize – SEQUENCE COURT Festival (2013)
White Poplar Prize – ANIWOW Festival (2012)
Best Direction Prize – ANIWOW Festival (2013)
1st National Prize – ROANNE Festival (2013)
SACD Prize – PARIS COURTS Festival (2012)
Humor Prize – NUITS MAGIQUES Festival (2012)