Hulk Hammers Satellite for Renault (Director’s Cut)

The Framestore Film team in London and Integrated Advertising team in Los Angeles extend the studio’s big screen experience with the Hulk into director Jonathan Gurvit’s slammin’ new “Renault KWID” spot.

Framestore creative director Ben West: “We’ve honed a very tight transition pipeline for film characters into other platforms. The ability to utilize detailed assets with complex rigs ensures we’re meeting the cinematic standard demanded for Marvel projects.
Kwid_Renault The Hulk | STASH MAGAZINE

“Framestore worked to exaggerate Hulk’s strenuous muscle and facial detail. The teams worked closely together to enhance the amount of detail needed in his muscles, including in the rig, muscular weight in animation, textural displacements of veins, lighting art direction to enhance angles, and shot-specific muscle sculpting to refine even further.

“Other subtle yet essential details of Hulk include peach fuzz on the body, facial stubble and sweat stems.
Kwid_Renault The Hulk | STASH MAGAZINE

“Animating characters requires an intimate level of experience and understanding of performance. Each character has signature qualities but it’s the detail and nuance that brings them to life.

“Having worked with characters like Hulk over an extended period for film projects, we had a strong foundation to build upon in this regard.”

Shot in São Paulo by Primo Buenos Aires thru agency Neogama, the commercial screens across Brazil on TV and cinema.
Kwid_Renault The Hulk | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Marvel

Agency: Neogama

Production: Primo Buenos Aires (PBA)
Director: Jonathan Gurvit
Co-Director: Santiago Dulce
Executive Director: Mayra Gama
EP: Fernando Fanucchi e Nivio Alves de Souza
Account: Markinhos Fagundes
Editor: Rami D’Aguiar
Post production coordination: Diulle Sorrentino / Marcio Lovato
DOP: Pierre Kerchove
Production Designer: Davis Fabri
Art Director: Zarza

VFX: Framestore
Creative Director Ben West
VFX Producer Morgan MacCuish
CG Supervisor Kevin Baker
Shoot Supervisor David Hulin
VFX Supervisor James Healy
Animation Lead Shayne Ryan
Animator Kevin Rooney, Jessie Wang, Xavier Coton, Stew Burris, Evan Harbuck
FX Lead Nate Usiak
FX Michelle Lee, Arrev Chantikian, Viviana Mora
Lighting Lead Yuo Tengara
Lighter Jon Tojek, Isaiah Palmer, Dustin Colson, John Cook
Compositing Lead JD Yepes
Compositor Tim Gutierrez, Josh Guillaume, Alex Unruh, Alejandro Villabon, Kingsley Rothwell
Generalist Soren Barton, Yayu Chen, Mel Wong, Joel Durham, Rob Garcia
Look Dev & Groom Jessica Groom
Rigging Lead Wade Ryer
Cameras & Tracking Sean Dollins, Todd Herman
Concept Art Daniel Demirdjian
VFX Editor Humberto Reynaga
VFX Assistant Editor Jake Keller, Alexandra Wysota
VFX Coordinator Jose Alvarado
Colorist Beau Leon
Color Assistant Jonah Braun, Weiyi Ang