Imaginary Forces Hoists “Black Sails”

Directors Michelle Dougherty and Karin Fong and the Imaginary Forces crew carve out dramatic and superbly intricate titles for the new Starz pirate series “Black Sails”.

Michelle Dougherty and Karin Fong: “These titles are nothing less than a full-on art history mash-up of Baroque motifs, Gothic architecture, and Rococo style. Using a sculptural language traditionally reserved for saints and kings, we depict a maverick society that is ultimately doomed. Beauty and death abound… as well as a skeleton or two.”

Executive Producer: Jonathan Steinberg Producer: Jonathan Brytus
Post-Production Supervisor: Brennan Parks

Production: Imaginary Forces
Directors: Michelle Dougherty, Karin Fong
Lead Designer/Art Director: Alan Williams
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Lead Producer: Brian Butcher
Producers: Keith Bryant, Jon Hassell
Concept Illustration: Alejandro Lee, Vincent Lucido, Bernard Custodio
Lead Modeler: Meats Meier
Modelers: Jamin Joseph-Lackie, Margaret Dost, Odel Palmer, Aamir Karim, Justin Fields Lead Lighting & Texturing: Joseph Langmuir
Camera & Previz: Kevin Ferrara
CG Lighting/Texturing: Kevin Ferrara, Steven Hensley, Greg Ruane, Michael Colarik Editors: Caleb Woods, Gladys Bernadac
Assistant Editor: Michael Radtke
Lead Flame: Rod Basham
Flame: Eric Mason
Assistant Flame: Michael Radtke
Coordinator: Joseph AbouSakher
Production Assistants: Dominick Guglielmo, Alex Frankel, Nicole Zschiesche
Design Interns: Hunter Thompson, Lisa Chen

Music Composer: Bear McCreary

4 Responses to “Imaginary Forces Hoists “Black Sails””
  1. clem says:

    Hope Kris Kuksi has been consulted on it….if not it’s a robbery pure and simple.

  2. Damn says:

    A VERY blatant Kuksi rip, even down to the finer details. Wow.

  3. This opening sequence is a blatant and apparently unapologetic and self-congratulatory RIP OFF of Kris Kuksi’s work (he was NOT involved in the creation of this) and Imaginary Forces and the media who are fawning over them for it should be ashamed of themselves.

  4. Masticate says:

    Black Sails title sequence stole from world famous artist Kris Kuksi.,kCMtUzO,1FWlnC5#0