Imaginary Forces Open “Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold”

Imaginary Forces creative director Alan Williams teams with director Griffin Dunne to craft the titles for Dunne’s intimate Netflix documentary portrait of his aunt, literary icon Joan Didion.

From IF: “See how Williams and Dunne graphically represented Memory and how they gave order and reason to subjects and material as far reaching as Joan Didion’s own writing career.”

Client: Netflix

Production: Imaginary Forces
Creative Director: Alan Williams
Executive Producer: Jon Hassell
Head of Production: Aleen Kim
Producer: Tess Sitzmann
Designer: Ana Cezeta
Additional Designs: Aaron Maurer, Max Strizich, Isabell Hacker, Sunny Yazdani
Animators: Max Strizich, Chris Colby
Editors: Rachel Ambelang, Luca Campanale
Photographers: Aaron Maurer, Isabell Hacker

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