Imaginary Forces: Trick “Dominoes” for Toyota

Clever combination of motion control and CG from director/CD Michelle Dougherty and the Imaginary Forces crew highlighting Toyota’s hybrid technology and new Fuel Cell Vehicle thru agency DentsuBos.

Take a peek at the shoot and post process below:

Agency: DentsuBos

For Imaginary Forces (IF)
Director/Creative Director: Michelle Dougherty
Art Director: Tosh Kodama
Previs Technical Director: Ryan Summers
VFX Supervisor: Rod Basham
Executive Producer: Ben Apley
Head of Production: Claudina Mercado
Producers: Brian Butcher, Keith Bryant, JJ Gerber
Designers: Rob Bolick, Maziar Majd, Kris Fortin, Cody Redmer
Animators: Nathan Boldman, Thomas McMahan, Eric Demeusy, Troy Barsness, Ryan Summers, Eric Zunkley, Hao Cui, Cody Redmer, Maziar Majd
Lighting/Texturing: Mikey Rogers, Glenn Suhy, Troy Barsness
3D Trackers: Shelby Stong, Eugene Paluso, Filaments VFX
Compositors: Thomas McMahan, Sam Cividanis, Patrick Longstreth, Troy Barsness
3D Model Builder: DeAndre Moore
Editors: Justine Gerenstein, Keith Roberts
Assistant Editor: Michael Radtke
Flame Artist: Rod Basham
Storyboard Artist: Bernard Custodio
Coordinator: Dominick Guglielmo
Color Correction: Incendio
BTS Photographers: Wes Yang, Ryan Speers

IF Live Action Crew
Producer: Gunnar Clancy
Art Director: Dave Corey
Production Supervisor: Silke Thompson
Production Coordinator: Megan Pfaffenroth
DP: Stacy Toyama
1st AD: Andy Morris
1st AC: Dennis Lynch
2nd AC: Jay Hardie
DIT: Nathan Pena
Motion Control OP: Simon Wakley
Motion Control Tech: Chris Toth
Gaffer: John Moore
Prop Master: Craig Rose
Script Supervisor: Marsha Gnaizda

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