imat-uve “Material Exploration” Brand Film

Directors Vincent Schwenk and Vitaly Grossmann team with Moscow studio Superdesigners to create a striking abstract 3D brand film for German design and engineering company imat-uve.

Vincent Schwenk and Vitaly Grossmann: “As we love to work with textures and always challenge ourselves to find the right balance between reality and abstraction, we were more than happy to develop shapes, spaces, and colors where the textures (provided by imat’s design department) come alive.

“To us, this project is more like a mood-film than a typical commercial work. The client gave us an open brief and left us free to visualize their work as a texture designer and also to promote their new scanning department.

“For the first time we’ve teamed up with Superdesigners from Moscow. Their professional skills in Marvellous designer vivified the cloth animations. We played creative ping pong for simulations, diverse assets and set development.

“Also Moritz Schwind supported us with his Houdini skills and flooded our storage space with massive alembic files. And last but not least Jürgen Branz was in charge of the sound that holds all the visuals together like glue.”
Process reel:


Client: imat-uve

Concept/art direction: Vincent Schwenk, Vitaly Grossmann
Design: Vincent Schwenk, Vitaly Grossmann, Superdesigners
Animation: Vincent Schwenk, Vitaly Grossmann, Superdesigners, Moritz Schwind
Music/sound design: Jürgen Branz