India Barnardo Steps Into the Director’s Chair With “Cat and Moth” Short Film

Animator India Barnardo, whose feature film credits include Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse and The Sea Beast, makes her directorial debut with the release of this charming romp called Cat and Moth.

Currently an animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios in Vancouver, Barnardo says observations of her two childhood cats Leia and Jaja inspired the film which was produced entirely online with an international team of 90 animators and artists crafting an intriguing mix of CG and 2D animation styles.

India Barnardo: “When Leia wasn’t a fully grown fat black cat, as she muchly became, I used to be able to hold her up, in the palm of my hand, to the lamp hanging from the ceiling at the end of my bed and she would munch the circling moths out of the air like Homer Simpson eating crisps in zero gravity.

“A relationship with a pet is an inexplicable thing. I’m constantly inspired and bemused by what goes on in those furry little heads.”
India Barnardo Cat and Moth Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

India Barnardo Cat and Moth Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

India Barnardo Cat and Moth Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

India Barnardo Cat and Moth Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

India Barnardo Cat and Moth Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE
Director: India Barnardo
Creative CG Supervisor: Amar Chundavadra
Story Department: India Barnardo, Amar Chundavadra, & Martyn Smith
Editor: Martyn Smith

Production Department
Producers: Emily Shinyi Hsu & Sarah Dacey
Production Coordinators: Antonio Caamaño, Mary Kate Dangoia, & Michelle Pinargote
Production Assistants: Lily Ardalan
Additional Production Coodinator: Nathan Garduno
Additional Production Assistant: Shannon Parayil
Original Website code: Byron Wong

Art Department
Visual Development Lead: Pablo Rivera
Visual Development Artists: Siena Kuan, Marco Giorgianni, Ankush Cholia, Maria Bazhanova, James Butler, Ben Hong, Jessica Aoki Almeida, & Ashlyn Lardinois
Color Key Artists: Jessi Bales, Yinfaowei Harrison, & Richi Bailey
Visual Development Consultant: Pierre-Antoine Moelo

Modeling Department
Modeling Lead: Daniel Zinck
Character Modelling: Gil Pinheiro, Noel Mahoney, & Laura Soriano
Environment Modeling Artists: Pablo Gonzalez Bellozas, Alyssa Hamlet, Camille Lamirault, & Hana Starr

Look Development & Texturing Department
Look Development & Texturing Lead: Jennifer Pham
Look Development Artist: Pablo Gonzalez Bellozas
Texture Artists: Dong Kyu Kim, Juan Manchado, Luis Diego Martinez, Andreas E Hopen, Mario Cortés, Massimiliano Lai, & Greg Malkin

Rigging Department
Rigging Lead: Martin L’Anton
Character Riggers: Alicia Carvalho, Martin L’Anton, & Alex Marassa
Prop riggers: Dawon Lee, Joe Rumney, Vanessa Schneider, & Enrique Velasco
Additional Rigging – Marie Raoult

Layout Department
Layout Lead: Heather Fleischman
Layout Artists: Amar Chundavadra, Martyn Smith, & Eric Swyer

FX & Groom Departments
Groom Lead: Amar Chundavadra
Groom Artists: Prashant Sawant, & Magdy Tadros
Additional Groom Artist: Sonia Wakefield-Ioannou
CGFX Lead: Joan Català
CGFX Artist: Gyula Kovacs
CG Generalist Sonia Wakefield-Ioannou

​Animation Department
CG Animation Lead: Alex Ferreira Simoes
CG Animators: Shekhar Nalanagula, Srinivasan Sundararaman, Karen Trieu, Mati Marek, Jay Stuart, Florent Arnould, Sergiu Badragan, Nahuel Moreno (Nagu), Vanessa Schneider, Martyn Smith & India Barnardo.
Additional CG Animators: Luke Madden & Josh Wood
2D Animation Lead: India Barnardo
2D Animators: Théo Berthet, Bruno Carias Fogaça, Katie Fabrick, & India Barnardo
Additional 2D Animator: Luana de Souza Sinclair
2DFX Animators: Debbie Middleton, Carolina Guadalupe González Sánchez, Brandon Louie, & Helen Ahlberg
Additional 2DFX Animators: Krisi Zhupali & David Turner
Lighting and Compositing Department
Lighting Lead: Amanda Beals
Compositing Lead: Dorien Gunnels
Lighting & Compositing Artists: Maud Bourgeais, Elena de Bustos, Lise Dejaegere, Sabaribalaji Harishankar, Eduardo Hernanpérez, Seth Izen, Jason Leandro, Flavia Minnone, Sabaribalaji Harishankar, Katarina Perez, & Daniel Rojas
Compositing Consultant: Kate Gabriel
Additional Lighting Artists: Hans Castro & Rachel Donnelly
Additional Compositing Artist: Eduardo Velasquez

Music & Sound
Sound Designer, Foley & Dub Mix: Andreas Russo
Composer: Liv Muir Wilson
Music Development: William Barnardo