Jack Cunningham: “Proper” Stop Motion for Tripl Stitched

Nexus director Jack Cunningham mixes classic stop motion and 3D animation with 3D printing to create “a unique insight into how the craft of making has evolved whilst still retaining traditional values and skills” for London men’s clothing label Tripl Stitched.

“The central character is created using 3d printing, modeled by Ben Blundell and Pete Addington at Nexus, where 95 iterations were made to cover the range of movements required to mine for the perfect button and sew it onto a classic Tripl button down.”

Tripl Stitched Jack Cunningham| STASH MAGAZINE

“This really is an exciting and unique way to illustrate the attention to detail put into making our shirts,” says Scott Eden from Tripl Stitched. “It’s been amazing to work with Jack since the start and this film has really shown why he’s such a talented director and illustrator – we truly don’t think a clothing label has ever shown their making process in such a fun and engaging way.”


Final film:

Director Jack Cunningham
Producer Greet Kallikorm
Executive Producer Julia Parfitt
Production Assistants Rebecca Archer & Lily Roberts
Technical Artist Pete Addington
Character Modeller Ben Blundell
Prop modeller Michal Firkowski
3D Animator Joe Sparrow & Andy Spence
DOP Ian Forbes
Set Designer Emma Rose Dade & Luke George
Stop Motion Animator Luke George
Model Painters Samia Ahmed & Lucy Caetano
Animatic Charlie Serafini
Runner Arthur Studholme
Compositors Antoine Folout & Elliott Kajdan

Original Score Bridget Samuels
Score Performed by Orchestrate
Score Recording & Mixing Joe Hirst
Sound Design Joe Wilkinson at String &Tins

Thanks to Ole Mienert at Panalux, Dan Ojari & Mikey, Parabella,
Team at 3D print UK

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