Jack of All Trades in “The Butcher”

Director Romain Borrel and the crew at Cirkus in New Zealand show off their character design/animation skills as well as a preference for extreme cartoon mayhem in “The Butcher,” the second episode of their Jack of All Trades series.
Cirkus_The Butcher | Stash Magazine
Director: Romain Borrel
Character Animation: Priyan Jayamaha, Glen Christie, Tim Liu, Ty Jepsen, Laurent Gillot, Claire Courtois
Producer: Marko Klijn
Sound & Music: Marshall Smith, Tom Fox @ The Soundroom
Special Thanks: The Cirkus Team, Marko Klijn, Christian Greet, Chris Lyne, Kate Goodwin, Alexandre Casals, Vincent Tonelli, Arnaud Janvier, Antoine Robert, Ludovic Habbas, Jenny Lee & Chisato Iwamura.

Watch Jack of All Trades Episode 1 “The Carpenter”

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