Rosemary-Health-Rosemary-Feels-Better-Cirkus | STASH MAGAZINE

Rosemary Health “Rosemary Feels Better” by Cirkus

This impossible-to-ignore new CG character spot by Auckland animation house Cirkus thru agency Milk + Honey United takes a poke at the status quo healthcare system for Australian virtual care provider Rosemary Health. [Watch]

Reliance General Insurance India commercial by Cirkus | STASH MAGAZINE

Cirkus Sends Brobot to the Rescue for Reliance Insurance

EP Marko Klijn at Cirkus in Auckland, New Zealand: “The agency creative team at Enormous Mumbai briefed Cirkus with a fun character-driven script branding Reliance’s ‘tech with heart’ insurance services. [Watch]

Monash Hospital Imagination is the Best Medicine | STASH MAGAZINE

Imagination is the Best Medicine

The Cirkus animation crew in Aukland conjure a few tears and a whole lot of charm in this spot called “Imagination is the Best Medicine” for Monash Children’s Hospital in Australia. [Watch]

Cirkus_The Butcher | Stash Magazine

Jack of All Trades in “The Butcher”

Director Romain Borrel and the crew at Cirkus in New Zealand show off their character design/animation skills as well as a preference for extreme cartoon mayhem in “The Butcher,” the second episode of their Jack of All Trades series. [Watch]

“Welcome to Airbnb” Behind the Scenes

Five weeks and 85 takes later, Cirkus director Christian Greet and crew wrap “Welcome to Airbnb,” a one-minute, one-shot, CG and animation-free project shot with a custom toy train-cam careening through an insanely detailed miniature set where all the transitions happen by hand in real time. Agency: TBWA\Singapore.

The finished spot: