Jedi Mind Tricks "Marciano's Reign" feat. Scott Stallone Bo Mathorne | STASH MAGAZINE

Jedi Mind Tricks “Marciano’s Reign” feat. Scott Stallone by Bo Mathorne

“Emotional” and “heartwarming” are not words often associated with music videos for hip hop artists but Bo Mathorne’s new film for “Marciano’s Reign” by Philadelphia’s Jedi Mind Tricks proves a welcome exception.

If your memory is exceptional you may recognize Bo Mathorne as the creator of “The Backwater Gospel,” a breakout short produced at The Animation Workshop way back in 2011 and published in Stash 83.

The Backwater Gospel

Production: Wicker.Works
Director: Bo Mathorne
Producer: Tom Manshaus
Animation: Evgeni Hristov/EUGRAPH

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