Jordan “Zero to Zoom” by ilovedust and Golden Wolf for Nike

Golden Wolf: “We teamed up with our friends at ilovedust and Jordan to help make their campaign for the Jordan XXXVs come to life. The spots feature an all-star cast of players from the NBA and WNBA.”
Client: Nike

Agency: ilovedust

Production: Golden Wolf
Executive Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Executive Producer: Tan Jones
Producer: Rebecca Little
Art Directors: Sammy Moore, Cesar St.Martin
Storyboard: Gaia Lamiot
Lead Animator: Stephanie Mercier
2D Animation: David Feliu, McKenna, Myra Hild, Kyal Brown, David Feliu, Thomas Eide, Kavan Magsoodi, Tim Dillnutt, Diego Porral, Peter Lowey, Loup Boucher, Daniel Crook, Cora McKenna, Myra Hild, Kyal Brown.
FX Animation: Tim Whiting, Kensei Thomas
Compositing: Ian Pinder, John Wilkinson, Laurence Parsons
Cleanup: AMIX
Production Assistant: Eden Brill

Music/Audio: Zelig Sound, Model Eighty-Six