Amazon Prime Video Design Process reel FutureDeluxe | STASH MAGAZINE

Peek into FutureDeluxe’s Design Development for Prime Video

From the team at FutureDeluxe: “Working in close partnership with the Global Brand team at Amazon, we crafted a new cinematic opener, reimagining the Prime Video experience in motion for a global audience of over 200 million people.” [Watch]

Microsoft Bing Chat Launch Film Wes Cockx | STASH MAGAZINE

Wes Cockx Launches Bing Chat for Microsoft

Brooklyn director and CG maven Wes Cockx raced the clock to deliver this kinetic launch film showcasing the features and possibilities of Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing Chat in just two weeks. [Watch]

Tuft and Needle Adaptive Foam Product Film by ManvsMachine | STASH MAGAZINE

ManvsMachine’s “Adaptive Foam” Product Film for Tuft & Needle

After dropping this stunner for Purple back in 2020, the design and animation team at ManvsMachine return to the CG mattress wars with a cool and sophisticated product film for Tuft & Needle. [Watch]

OFFF 2023 opening Titles by State | STASH MAGAZINE

Marcel Ziul and State Offer “An Invitation to Look Inside” With OFFF 2023 Titles

Bypassing the usual formulas for design event titles, director Marcel Ziul assembles a wide variety of talents and styles for an introspective look at the stresses and strengths of emotions and their impact on our lives. [Watch]

YETI GoBox product film by PROPER | STASH MAGAZINE

PROPER Beats Up on the GoBox for YETI

The latest collab between Austin studio PROPER and outdoor gear maker YETI is an action-packed full-CG effort showcasing just how everything-proof and virtually indestructible the brand’s GoBox hard case really is. [Watch]

Twistedpoly Wallpaper for GoogleDesign | STASH MAGAZINE

Twistedpoly Hangs Living Wallpaper for Google Design

Digital artist Nejc Polovsak in Slovenia: “Working with Nando Costa, we explored the idea of a living, breathing wallpaper. An immersive scene that is unique to each of our devices, which grows and mutates based on our actions.” [Watch]