Koo-koo for Kean

Fresh and light animated collage treatments for two fun spots from director Tony Zagoraios and the motion crew at YELL in Athens for Cyprus-based fruit juice brand KEAN thru Ogilvy Pandora.

“We were inspired by the colorful packages as well as the variety of fruits, and came up with a contemporary and unique vision. Here at Yell, we love being crazy and non-realistic. And this is why we finally crafted this surrealistic journey, where everything seems like a fruit’s dream.”

Client : KEAN
Agency : Ogilvy Pandora
Head Of Account Management : Elias Arvanitis
Creative: Elias Moustakeas,
Copy: Konstantina Delliimitrou
Production : YELL
Animation : YELL
Direction : Tony Zagoraios
3D Supervisor : Costas Fatsis
Art Direction: Tony Zagoraios, Till Noon
Graphic Design : Till Noon
Motion Design: Thanos Kagkalos, Pantelis Tsiachris, Melvin Le Riboter, Tony Zagoraios
Cel Animation: Chris Papandreopoulos, Ilias Kontonikolas
3D Modelling : Renos Kontaris
Music : Renos Papastavros (Musou Music)
Sound Design : Renos Papastavros, Dimitris Mpatzios (Musou Music)

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