Lasalle College “Modern Legends”

Ran Sieradzki, Lead Faculty of animation at Lasalle College in Vancouver: “A local BC artist named Corey Moraes approached us with his ideas and vision about super heroes that relate to his First Nations heritage.

“Influenced by Corey’s vision and ideas, the students came up with a trailer-like idea for a movie that talks about animal super heroes combining together to fight the industries that pollute the world.”

“The students were in charge of design, models, rigs, animation, render, edit, and music.”

Concept: Corey Moraes
Production: Lasalle College, Vancouver
Instructor: Sieradzki, Ran
Team supervisor / Director: Ramirez, Marisol
Aboriginal Consultant: Mcneil-Bobb, Zackery
Story: Ramirez, Marisol | Pullen, Amy | Romero, Arturo
Ghannt Chart: Moroso, William
Modeling: Laughlin, Andria | Ochs, Emma | Liang, Joshua | Jeon, Ho-Sung
Rigging: Bounds, Joshua
Set building: West, Samuel | Liang, Joshua | Jeon, Ho-Sung | Manchharam, Sahil | Kaelter, Brent | Eang, Jessica
2D : Stevens, Breanna
Animation: Pogoy, Bevelin Joey | Pullen, Amy | Romero, Arturo | Manchharam, Sahil
Lighting / Rendering : Doubille, Taryn
Editor: Wong, Kevin
Compositing: Ramirez, Marisol
Music: Windrim, Liah Melody