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Here’s how LUMBRE Re-branded Turner’s Boing Channel

Join LUMBRE, the Buenos Aires animation and design studio for a look at how they conjured the zany energy of their branding campaign for Boing, the sister channel to Turner’s Cartoon Network and Boomerang currently on air in Italy, France, Spain and South Africa.

“Working closely with the Boing team, we based the new campaign based on the idea of “Better Together.” When the Boing logo enters the scene, it mixes the characters and props together to create a new situation that is much more fun and interesting. By sharing, the Animadz™ reach a new level of excitement that is greater that the sum of their parts.

“We modernized and redesigned the Animadz™, created a launch campaign to introduce viewers to the new character designs, built a full on-air identity, planed an odd-air identity, orchestrated original music and an audio logo, wrote a new channel tag line, and updated the logo.

“And now we’d like to pull back the curtain and show you a bit of what went on behind the scenes. From pencil sketch to final animation, it was a long process. You’ll see the evolution of the characters as well as some ideas that didn’t make it into the final project.”

Process reel:

Branding Montage:

For Boing – Turner Broadcasting System
Brand Communication and Creative Director: Marcio Cortez Meléndez
Senior Art Director: Filippo Giacomelli
Senior Presentation & Production Manager: Fabio Boninu

Creative Director: Sergio Saleh
Executive Producer: Pablo Encabo
Account Manager: Jeff Keisel
Art Director Lumbre: Adriana Campos
Producer: Fátima Requena
Director: Federico Dams (Charlie Studio)
Creative Angels: Ale Abramovich, Nacho Sandoval
Art Director: Federico Dams
Character Design: Federico Dams, Rodolfo Melián, Andy Cambiasso, Darío Becher
Storyboards: Rodolfo Melián (Charlie Studio)
Graphic Design: Federico Dams, Andy Cambiasso, Darío Becher
CG Supervisor: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave
3D Lead: Julián Cooke
Modeling/Texturing: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave
Rigging: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave
3D Character Animation: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave
3D Effects: Julián Cooke
Lighting: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave, Julián Cooke
Compositing: Hernán Caratolli, Martín Mangiafave, Julián Cooke, Fede Dams
Additional 3D: Silvestre Rendón, Darío Becher, Damián Stricker
Reel Editor: Natalia Toth
Original Music & Sound Design: Emilio Haro, Gabriel Barredo