LWZ and Ogris Debris “See The World”

A seamless and mesmerizing scroll of poster-worthy vignettes reveals a complex stream of modern maladies worth multiple viewings in this new animated piece from Vienna design and animation studio LWZ for hometown house/techno stars Ogris Debris.


Markus Wagner at LWZ in Vienna: “Ogris Debris are friends of ours, also located in Vienna and this was our first project together. They approached us with a great amount of ideas which they would like to put into their new music video.

“For us, the line ‘See the World like a Bird’ triggered many different interpretations. Social networks, the consumption of news and media besides random internet phenomenons, the constant stream of information and the general perception of the world and reality were the main themes that interested us.


“We wanted to make a critical observation while being not too specific and finger-pointing. The clash of serious and completely random content on social media timelines creates a really absurd image of the world. The question is if we really see the world like a bird if we only experience it through our screens.

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“The constant vertical motion of the video was inspired by old-school shooter games – where you would fly over different levels with your jet or spaceship. This combined with the scrolling motion through our newsfeed or timeline led us to create this surreal flight.


“The biggest challenge was to fill this whole world over a time of 3min 50sec and to make a storyline without cutting from one scene to the next. We really wanted to have this constant stream where you dive into one world and come up in an other one.

“At the same time the story had to correspond with the music in some way. The specific lines of the track triggered more ideas than the repetitive loops.”

Artist: Ogris Debris
Animation: LWZ

Immediate Byte