Marc Craste Reconnects “Neighbors” for Morton Salt

Studio AKA director Marc Craste and Blacklist take on the challenge of injecting warmth and emotion into an ad for one of the planet’s humblest of consumer products: sidewalk ice melt.

With nostalgia-tinged art direction from Olga Stern and classical character design by Steve Small, the film mixes CG with hand-drawn animation enhancements over painted backgrounds all created by AKA’s team of animators and assistants in London.
Studio AKA Blacklist Mortons2 | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio AKA Blacklist Mortons3 | STASH MAGAZINE

Studio AKA Blacklist Mortons | STASH MAGAZINE

Client: Morton Salt, Inc.

Production: Blacklist, Studio AKA
Direction: Marc Craste
Art Direction: Olga Stern, Steve Small
Blacklist Executive Producer: Adina Sales
Blacklist Producers: Solana Payne, Justin Harris

Original Music: Antfood