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Mcbess’ Tongue Twister for Mercedes-Benz

The latest animated Tongue Twister for Mercedes-Benz safety features comes from London-based French illustrator/director mcbess and follows on two dynamic spots from Daniel Semanas and Noma Bar released this past summer.

“Deer” by mcbess

“Runner” by Daniel Semanas

“Biker” by Noma Bar

Credits for “Deer” by mcbess

Client: Mercedes-Benz

Agency: antoni Berlin GmbH
Creative Director: Marcell Francke
Copywriters: Erick Barrios Hernández
Art Directors: Wolfgang Warzilek, Daniel Righi
Art Buyer: Valerie Opitz

Illustrator & Director: mcbess
Animator: Yannis Boultadakis

Sound Production: nhb studios Berlin GmbH

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