Akima brand film by Illo | STASH MAGAZINE

Akiva Animated Explainer by Illo and Yes&

Wonderfully low key and earnest explainer video for the Alaskan native-owned Akiva corporation produced and directed by the motion crew at Illo in Turin, Italy through Virginia agency Yes&. [Read more]

Peripheria by David Coquard-Dassault | STASH MAGAZINE

David Coquard-Dassault’s Bleak and Beautiful “Peripheria”

Five years after its premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, David Coquard-Dassault’s somber and evocative post-apocalyptic vision “Peripheria” lands online in the middle of a real-world pre-apocalypse. [Read more]

Stash issue 140 Preview | STASH MAGAZINE

Preview All the Projects Included in Stash 140!

Stay home, stay inspired! Take a peek at this two-minute preview of STASH 140 which adds another 31 motion projects (plus behind the scenes features and exclusive interviews) to over 5,500 titles included in The Stash Permanent Collection. [Read more]

CNN Style The Evolution of Red Lipstick | STASH MAGAZINE

CNN Style “The Evolution of Red Lipstick”

The CNN Motion crew illuminates the surprising and socially complex 5,000-year history of red-colored lips in this beautifully illustrated explainer with art direction by Ignacio Osorio and Alexander Sears. [Read more]

Jo Goes Hunting Careful music video by Alice Saey | STASH MAGAZINE

Jo Goes Hunting “Careful” Music Video by Alice Saey

The dense, detailed, and somewhat delirious style of director/animator/designer Alice Saey (first seen in her promo for Shaking Godspeed’s “She’s Young”) provides a mesmerizing backdrop in this latest work for Jo Goes Hunting. [Read more]

The Silence Within gy Kevin Herrmann | STASH MAGAZINE

“The Silence Within” Short Film by Kevin Herrmann

Illustrator/animator Kevin Herrmann in Würzburg, Germany: “The perception of the world is a reflection of one’s mind. [Read more]