Burcu and Geoffrey TIC TAC TOC Short Film | STASH MAGAZINE

New “TIC TAC TOC” Short Film by Burcu & Geoffrey

Paris directing duo Burcu Sanku and Geoffrey Godet bring their signature mix of illustrative charm and animated wit to this film about a meticulous little crab and the escalating environmental threat caused by plastic. [Watch]

Redbull Uncredited Post Office Studios | STASH MAGAZINE

Redbull “(Un)credited” Animated Documentary Sequence by Post Office Studios

Director Shradha Verma and Post Office Studios in Mumbai, India, channel a child’s drawing style to reveal the remarkable journey of an African street dance pioneer as part of Redbull’s “(Un)credited” documentary. [Watch]

Duality Riccardo Agostinelli | STASH MAGAZINE

“Duality” Motion Design Short Film by Riccardo Agostinelli

Director/animator Riccardo Agostinelli in Milan, Italy: “Duality is an animated project that explores the contrast between nature and technology through vibrant colors and textures.” [Watch]

AIM Creative Studios Is Capitalism Actually Broken TED-Ed | STASH MAGAZINE

AIM Creative Studios and TED-Ed Ask “Is Capitalism Actually Broken?”

From the team at AIM Creative Studios in Portugal: “People have become increasingly worried that the threats we face today, like climate change and rising inequality, can’t be solved by a capitalist economic system.” [Watch]

Jeremy Mansford street Fighter fan film | STASH MAGAZINE

Jeremy Mansford Pays Tribute to 35 Years of Street Fighter

Director/designer Jeremy Mansford channels his lifelong obsession with Street Fighter into an impressionist fan film powered by a VO from artist/musician Vo Williams paying tribute to Capcom’s flagship franchise. [Watch]

Best of Stash 2022 EXPLAINERS

Best of Stash 2022: Explainers!

We don’t know of any other best-of-year lists that recognize explainer videos but Stash has a definite soft spot for designers and animators with the skillset and patience required to distill complex ideas into engaging content. [Watch]