Dougal Wilson Channel 4 IDs | STASH MAGAZINE

Monumental New Channel 4 IDs by Dougal Wilson and MPC

The creative team responsible for the brilliant “We’re the Superhumans” Paralympics spot (Blink director Dougal Wilson, MPC, and 4creative) are back with a set of standout IDs for Channel 4.

From Blink: “In the films, Channel 4’s iconic blocks are brought to life as a friendly, fallible giant. Shot across the UK, the films are a celebration of togetherness, diversity and youth.

“With his usual warmth and wit, Dougal takes a refreshingly humorous and light-hearted approach to the channel’s new identity, making it impossible not to connect with them.

The giant’s mnemonic call pays homage to Channel 4’s original and iconic Lambie-Nairn ident, launched in 1982 – and the music ‘Fourscore’ was performed by Dougal himself.”
Channel 4 “Football”

Channel 4 “WheelChair”

Channel 4 “Fanfare”

Client: Channel 4

Agency: 4Creative
Head of TV / Production: Clare Brown
Executive Producer: Shananne Lane
Executive Creative Director: Chris Bovill, John Allison, Alice Tonge
Creatives: Chris Bovill, John Allison, Dan Watts, Dougal Wilson
Creative Director: Dan Watts

Production: Blink Productions
Director: Dougal Wilson
Producer: Ewen Brown
Executive Producer: James Studholme
DOP: Daniel Landin

VFX Supervisor: Martino Madeddu, Tom Harding
VFX Producer: Julie Evans
Grade: MPC
Creative Director: Diarmid Harrison-Murray
Colourist: Jean-Clément Soret

Editor: Joe Guest @ Final Cut

Sound Design: Anthony Moore & Mark Hills @ Factory
Recording: Michael Palmer
Producer: Lou Allen
Music Supervision: SIREN