Blinkink-Industries First look deal with BBC | STASH MAGAZINE

Blink Industries Signs First-Look Deal With BBC Studios Kids & Family

From the release: We’re excited to announce that Blinkink’s long-form division, Blink Industries, has signed a First-Look deal with BBC Studios Kids & Family. This two-year creative partnership gives Kids & Family exclusive access to Blink Industries’ slate of animation and live-action projects, with an aim to supercharge its global reach and engage new audiences. [Watch]

Blinkink & Woodblock Add New Tilt to Euro 2024 for BBC

The quick pace and uncertain outcomes of the Euro 2024 tournament on BBC find an apt metaphor in star-studded pinball action via Blinkink directors Balázs Simon and Raman Djafari with Berlin’s Woodblock handling animation. [Watch]

Sad Night Dynamite VOL II Lucas Hrubizna | STASH MAGAZINE

Sad Night Dynamite VOL II Visual Mixtape by Lucas Hrubizna

UK duo Sad Night Dynamite (aka Josh Greacen and Archie Blagden), who Equate Magazine described as “The Blair Witch Project meets Gorillaz”, team with Canadian director/VFX artist Lucas Hrubizna for a riveting and unrelenting nightmare. [Watch]

Blink director Wild Child | STASH MAGAZINE

Stop Motion Director Will Child Joins Blinkink Roster

From the release: Leeds-born, Bristol-based director and artist Will Child is taking stop motion by storm. After leaving his job as a graphic designer in Leeds, Will moved to Slough to pursue a freelance career in clay sculpting alongside graphic design and art department work. [Watch]

"LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS" Season Two Lands May 14th | STASH MAGAZINE

“LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS” Season Two Lands May 14th

The second installment of David Fincher and Tim Miller’s landmark anthology series LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS explodes on Netflix this week with eight new animated short films from Atoll Studio, Axis Animation, Blink, Blur, Passion Pictures, and Unit Image. [Watch]

Blink Sign Rottingdean Bazaar to Talent Roster | STASH MAGAZINE

Blink Sign Rottingdean Bazaar to Talent Roster

From the release: Putting East Sussex on the map and then turning that map into a wedding dress, creative duo Rottingdean Bazaar (James Theseus Buck and Luke Brooks) joyfully elevate the ordinary. [Watch]