MPC and Riff Raff: Weird and Wonderful MailChimp Worlds

Riff Raff directing duo Ed Kaye and Alex Mavor (aka The Sacred Egg) team with the MPC VFX crew to nail three weird and wonderful spots to the wall for Mail Chimp thru Droga5.

Alex Lovejoy, VFX supervisor at MPC: “Ed and Alex’s vision was all about creating something beautiful and interesting, an almost ‘hyper real’ world where anything goes. We really tried to bring together the unexpected with ‘Chimp World’ to add unexpected visual quirks to the films.

Andy Steele, MPC CG lead: “There was no out-of-the box-solution to simulate thousands of kale leaves convincingly in slow motion, so we used a blend of specialist software and traditional hand-animation to craft the end result.”



Droga5 NY

Production: Riff Raff Films
Director: Ed Kaye and Alex Mavor (The Sacred Egg)
Producer: Jane Tredget
DP: Ben Todd

VFX Supervisor: Alex Lovejoy
CG Lead: Andy Steele
VFX Producer: Louise Unwin
VFX Production Coordinator: Tamara Mennell
Colorist: Richard Fearon
Editor: Sam Bould