Niles Heckman’s Lesbian Space Elevator Love Story: “Auroras”

Back in January we posted about the Kickstarter for “Auroras,” LA director Niles Heckman‘s seven-minute sci-fi short film about “love, separation, and having to say goodbye.” The campaign raised $12,656 (surpassing the $10K goal) to complete the film’s audio and feature-level VFX set pieces.

From the Kickstarter page, “Science fiction is not about the future, it’s about the present. Marriage equality and equal rights for all people, regardless of sexual orientation, has come a long way in recent years but still has a long way to go.

“The film has a feminine theme and an unconventional storyline that would likely not be risked in a large budget Hollywood film. Set in a technologically advanced future, the overarching feature storyline is an embrace of the divine feminine over male dominance.”

Check the Kickstarter page for more insights and behind the scenes pix.
Niles Heckman Auroras | STASH MAGAZINE

Production: AURORA-LAB – / Vimeo Channel –
Title: AURORAS – short film / concept test (2014)
Writer / Director: Niles Heckman
Occupant / Loved One: Jess Dela Merced
Loved One Voice: Samantha Cutaran
Executive Producers: Seayoon Jeong, Laide Agunbiade, Jackie Dela Merced
2nd Unit Director: Bastiaan Koch
Director of Photography: Niles Heckman
Editor: Jack Linemennosh
Original Score: Dan Haigh & Alex Westaway (GUNSHIP) with Audrey Riley –
Sound Design: Andrew Duncan
Launce Voice: Mana Nagae
Co-Producer: Sarah Cave
Associate Producers: Bruce Woodside, Brian Goodwin, Nate Pantumsinchai, Quanrico Gibson
Art Directors: Bastiaan Koch –, Marco Iozzi –
Gaffer: Marc-Antoine Serou
Visual Effects: AURORA-LAB / Marauder Film / Studio-G Productions
Animation Director: Rick Glenn
Matte Painters: Marco Iozzi, Dark Hoffman
Costume: Vanessa Mi-Kyung Lee
Makeup: Davee Troublefield
Benefactors: Mickael Coedel, Brad Heckman, Zack Chandler, Rick Glenn, Michael Laine, Chris Gluck, David Ogden, Eric Merrill, Albert Michael, Ken Chida, Maria Dela Merced, Laszlo Papp, Filip Uvalic
Consultants: Daisuke Nagae, Rick Glenn, Vernon Wilbert
Special Thanks: Daisuke Nagae, Matt Smith, Vernon Wilbert, Bumpin Shrimp, Ken Chida, Stephen Kuo, Tu Le, Todd Brown, Paul Chitescu, Carl Kaphan, Shelagh Rowan-Legg, Howard Darling, Kis-Szabó Márk, Stephen Price, Norman Burg, Sue Burg, Lynn Caffrey, Matt Keebler, Jason Cooper, Jeffery Lamar, Ned Wilson, Maxamillian John, Ryan Geist Bozajian, Nick Nicotera, Nick Dawkins, Chris Kunferman, Shirley Dawkins, Ken Jones, Nick Epstein, Ruth Mersmann, Phillip Hua, Michael Bell, Paula Poulten, Dan Kenyon, Jonathan Harman, Jamee Houk, Allison Powell, Stephan Vladimir Bugaj, Grzegorz Jonkajtys, Ted Seamon, Aleksandar Belovski, Anne Hamilton, Lukasz Przyborowski, Pascal Fuerst, Anthony Miller, Jack Bond, Marie Davis, Bryan Roach, Dave Alsybury, Margret Soden, Larry Soden, James M Nichols, Giles Rafol, Peter Sidoriak, Haarm-Pieter Duiker, Shell Graves, Jeff Heusser, Gregory G. Geiger, Tricia Ennis, Charles M Kersey, Foli Ayivoh, Tihomir Mateev, Filip Uvalic, Milene Tilghman, Leo Zhang,
Copywrite 2014 AURORA-LAB, All Rights Reserved
Budget: Approximately $12,000

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