Stop-Motion Fire Engulfs “A Flammable Planet” for WWF

NOMINT follows up their 2021 WWF stop-motion ice spot with an even more improbable go with fire in this global campaign designed to raise awareness about the danger of wildfires caused by climate change.

NOMINT founder/CD Yannis Konstantinidis: “Launched during the 2022 COP27 climate change conference, the film was shot entirely in-camera and used traditional stop-motion techniques together with slow-motion, timelapse, and long-exposure to create the visuals.

“We struggled for months to find a way to use the natural properties of real fire in a way that conveys the devastation of wildfires. Fire is destructive and remorseless, both in real life and on the stop-motion set.

“We ended up walking a very thin line where the whole project was on the edge of literally going up in flames, creating a level of jeopardy that is hopefully conveyed in the story.”

Watch the Behind-the-scenes video:


WWF-A-Flammable-Planet--by-NOMINT | STASH MAGAZINE
Client: WWF

Production: NOMINT
CD: Yannis Konstantinidis
Director: Yannis Konstantinidis, Christos Lefakis
Animator/storyboard: Jua Braga, Yannis Konstantinidis, Christos Lefakis
Previz: Jua Braga
Producer: Yannis Konstantinidis, Marilena Vatseri

Grade: Tom Mangham @ Black Kite Studios

Music/sound design: Ted Regklis
VO: Russell Binns

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