“Silent Road” Opening Titles by Yeti Pictures | STASH MAGAZINE

“Silent Road” Opening Titles by Yeti Pictures

Yeti Pictures in Athens: “We were invited by Filmiki Productions to create the opening titles for the TV mini-series Silent Road. The result is a full 3D cinematic sequence based on the story and script of the series, but also giving a lyric and poetic point of view.” [Read more]

Mamba Out short film by MotionPunk | STASH MAGAZINE

“Mamba Out” Tribute to Kobe by MotionPunk

Thanos Kagkalos (MotionPunk), 3D artist/motion design director in Athens: “It is the 26th of January, 2020. The world is shocked by the sudden death of one of the best basketball players that ever lived.” [Read more]