NSPCC Lovers Daniel Bruson | STASH MAGAZINE

Haunting and Powerful: “Pete’s Story”

A heart-wrenching narrative becomes exponentially more emotional when the hero is a child. Witness “Pete’s Story,” a new chapter in the powerful body of ad work commissioned by UK children’s charity NSPCC.

Directed and animated frame by frame, with ink on paper over a five month schedule by Brazilian freelancer Daniel Bruson.

Daniel Bruson: “NSPCC and [the agency] Lovers invited me to create this animation to communicate the story’s haunting and delicate atmosphere.

“The idea was to convey a mixture of fear, solitude and the imminence of violence confined inside this labyrinthic house, in contrast with the green touch points that show potential (but unused, in this case) interfaces between Pete and NSPCC.


Creative Agency
Lovers lovers.co/

Daniel Bruson

Creative Direction
Alex Ostrowski

Executive Production
Andrew Hunter

Animation, Painting and Compositing
Daniel Bruson

Assistance Animation
Erik Righetti

General Assistance
Talita Annunciato

Ally Carter

Alex Ostrowski

Sound Design
Cassini Sound